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   Are you a blogger who's ready to take their blog to the next level and stop comparing themselves to others? A business owner feeling overwhelmed by growing their social media audiences and not seeing anything resonate? We've all been there and I want to help you build your brand, figure it all out (& have fun!) with our Social Media With Style Workshop. For the first time ever we're now launching separate sessions for bloggers and business owners, catered exactly to your needs & questions!

   Since I started my blog, La Petite Fashionista, back in 2007 the blogging world has grown exponentially. The good news? There's opportunity for you to find your niche in the blogosphere, monetize your blog, and get a higher return on your time investment. I get emails every day with questions about blogging and social media, and I can't tell you how much I wish I had known the things I do now when I first started writing, and I have a passion for helping others on their blogging journey.

I've started this e-course to show you how to develop style, substance & strategy to help you grow your social media presence. 


What's Included in the Workshop?

  Each week you will get a beautifully designed & easy to understand PDF lesson sent to your email that you can print or read on your iPad/ e-reader. You'll also receive worksheets that help you apply your learnings to your brand or blog. There's no better time to start than now

  One of my favorite parts of this course is our Social Media with Style community. You'll be invited to a private Facebook group along with other participants to bounce ideas off of each other, ask questions you have & receive feedback. You'll have an open line of communication to ask me any questions that you have along the way or after the workshop is over!

The best part? Once you purchase the workshop, you're a lifetime member. You'll receive any new info or updates we make, so you'll always be on top of the latest happening in social media!




Want a sneak peek of our course material?

Check out our video about how to take better Instagram Pictures!